Congratulations to Phillip and Tristan, the two latest graduates from our (Free!) Beginner Guitar Group Classes! They’ll be continuing with individual lessons under Marc Cody, taking advantage of our half-price introductory lessons package.

Phillip started off quite certain he could never play guitar because he’d tried once before and didn’t get anywhere after a couple months. But under our method (absolutely the easiest, fastest beginner guitar method ever!), he was comfortably playing dozens of songs by his third week. OK, not quite ready for the stage yet, but having a ball and really playing guitar!

Tristan had never tried to play a musical instrument before, but sailed through both lessons and was playing like a pro! (OK, not quite like a pro, but doing very, very well)

If you’d like to learn to play guitar, bass or ukulele, sign up for our Saturday 1pm beginner guitar classes. They are absolutely FREE and FUN!

If you’d rather not bring your guitar, you can borrow one of ours. You CAN do this! Don’t waste another week of your life – become a guitar player now!

If you’ve already learned a few chords and would like to progress, ask about our half-price introductory lesson package – just $299 for ten one-hour lessons.

Guitar Lessons in Palm Harbor