FREE Guitar Lessons!

FREE Guitar Lessons
Saturdays at 1pm

Hank’s Guitar Shop in Palm Harbor, is offering FREE Group Guitar Lessons! You’ll practice by actually playing a song after just one guitar lesson! The second guitar class (also free!), opens the door to playing tens of thousands of popular songs.

That’s right! You’ll be given the key to playing the songs you love, after just two guitar lessons!

Learn to Play Guitar Now!

Our free guitar classes use a method proven to be the easiest, fastest way to learn guitar accompaniment, rhythm-style guitar playing ever devised! It’s based on the book “Play Guitar Now!” by Hank Castello. (available on Amazon)

This “Learn to Play Guitar” method was taught to me by a cajun gentleman in Louisiana back in the early 1970’s. It utilizes a couple of “cheats” that would make many guitar instructors cry!

But after just two lessons, I was a guitar player! For years afterward, I didn’t learn another thing about guitar, yet all my friends and neighbors considered me a “guitar player” and I entertained at get-togethers and barbecues.

No practicing scales! No memorizing places on the guitar fretboard! No mind-numbing practice routines that would bore you and have family members running from the house!

Your guitar practice sessions will be playing fun songs – songs you can sing along to. Songs that you’ll entertain friends and family with.

Will you be playing great guitar after just two free guitar lessons?

Well, you’re not likely to be “great” right away. But you will have fun and you will be playing songs. In time, your technique will improve and you’ll get better. You can speed the process up quite a bit, by following up with individual, one-on-one instruction.

The truth is, no one can turn you into a guitar player. We can guide you. But you have to do the “work” and practice. What makes us different is that we turn that “work” into fun!

What are you waiting for? If you’re near Palm Harbor, Sign up today for your free guitar lessons and be a musician tomorrow! See you next Saturday!